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    2019 Odessa Biennale (forthcoming).
    2018 EUROPE, EUROPE at BOZAR Center for fine art, Brussels (forthcoming).
    2017 Cosmopolitanissimo at Jimmy Hoo curated by Filip Gillisen.
    2018 kim? Contemporary Art Center (forthcoming).
    2018 Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg (forthcoming).
    2017 Ravi residency Liege.
    2017 Space Collection, Liege (forthcoming).
    2017 White Walkers, Riga curated by Kaspars Groshevs.
    2017 Diesel Project Space, Liege.
    2017 Bacon On The Roof at Hekla, Brussels.
    2017 Afterbirth of a Dream, Meet Factory, Prague curated by Christina Gigliotti, Jan Zálešák.
    2016 15.12. - 26.01. at 427 Riga.
    2016 The Curves of the World, Chart Art Fair Copenhagen curated by Mette Woller.
    2016 IASPIS residency abroad at ACME London + Cubitt Studios.
    2016 Good Times & Nocturnal News at Mount Analogue, Stockholm.
    2016 X Bienal de Nicaragua curated by Oliver Martinez Kandt.
    2016 Art Geneva, curated by YGRG.
    2016 Bikini Wax, curated by Natalia Ibanez Lario, Mexico City.
    2015 Yautepec Gallery, Mexico City.
    2015 Anger Management @ Komplot, Brussels curated by Benjamin Jaubert.
    2015 XII Baltic Triennial together with Mikko Kuorinki.
    2015 Tinos Quarry Platfrom Residency
    2015 Museo Delle Palme curated by LA Project Space, Palermo Italy.
    2015 Movies In May @ Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg
    2015 Thunder Doooooooooooooooooooooooo Me @ Lido Beach @ the 56th Venice Biennale.
    2015 Menu (True Blue) On ATRACTIVIO QUENO BELLO
    2015 MR MF: AD / HD & BY E On ART VIEWER
    2015 MR MF: AD / HD & BY E On TERREMOTO
    2015 Trust, The Salon @ GL- Strand, curated by Sonia Dermience.
    2015 @ SIC together with Mikko Kuorinki.
    2015 MR MF: AD / HD & BY E @ Parallel Oaxaca
    2015 Trust, The Exchange @ Overgaden, curated by Sonia Dermience.
    2015 Sleep Cure Sleepiness On ATRACTIVO QUENO BELLO
    2015 Times fly like an arrow, fruit flyes like an banana @ Tinos Island curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas.
    2015 Mixed Media @ Rupert together with Sebastian Rozenberg.
    2015 TEXTO together with Egle Kulbokaite.
    2015 Through a glass, lightly @ Tensta Centrum / Tensta Konsthall curated by Dorota Michalska
    2015 Casa del Lago, Mexcio City.
    2014 12th street after party art Untitled Miami beach
    2014 Friends With Books
    2014 Untitled Art Miami Beach
    2014 Studio Bar @ Johanna Gustafsson Fürsts
    2014 CAB at Kunsthalle Athena curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas
    2014 CAB at PODIUM in OSLO curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas
    2014 Annecy Summer Lake Residency
    2014 The 10th Anniversary Edition of Night Plovdiv
    2014 WKV-Würtem Bergischer Kunst Verein Stuttgart
    2014 An Artist And A Rover, Art Vilnius
    2014 Readers Digest, Basel.
    2014 D´Letzebuerger Land
    2014 "Chatty Paws" in This is Tomorrow.
    2014 DIYChurch, Berlin Germany.
    2014 Sleep Cures Sleepiness.
    2014 Kunsthalle Wien, Austria.
    2014 Center, Berlin, Germany.
    2014 Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden. Together with Sebastian Rozenberg
    2014 TOVES, Copenhagen. With Sebastian Rozenberg.
    2014 Baltic Art Center, Visby, Sweden.
    2014 Kunstraum, London together with Fredrik Paulsen.
    2014 Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg.
    2014 MACBA - Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona together with Sebastian Rozenberg.
    2014 Association Le Commissariat, Paris, France together with Laurie Charles.
    2014 Matienzo / Matienschön, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Leandro Martinez.
    2014 Praxis @ Artium, Vittoria, Spain.
    2013 CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania.
    2013 Lack of Spatial Chance, curated by Emma Siemens-Adolphe hosted at Width: 700px 
    2013 Mixed Media at RUPERT, Vilnius together with Sebastian Rozenberg.
    2013 Splash, Can & Cock at Komplot Brussels together with Jakup Auce
    2013 Objects of Desire at And Questionmark together with Raimundas Malašauskas curated by Rosa Lleo.
    2013 STUDIO BAR #3 together with Valentinas Klimašauskas, Egle Kulbokaite, Nicholas Matranga, Janneke Raaphorst and Manuel Scheiwiller.
    2013 Finnish Institute in Stockholm together with Mikko Kuorinki.
    2013 Mixed Media at Retreat Festival together with Sebastian Rozenberg.
    2013 Bar Grraowl Venice, Basel & Berlin together with Lina Bjerneld, Olle Eriksson, Egle Kulbokaite, Petter Lehto and Sebastian Rozenberg.
    2013 Peut-être ne les avez vous pas remarqués at BeauBeau, Brussels, Belgium.
    2013 YEAR 2013 - Komplot, Brussels, Belgium.
    2013 Självporträtt, Fullersta Gård, Sweden.
    2013-2014 Framura, Italy - curated by Franccesaca Chiaccio.
    2013 Swedish Institute, Athens, Greece.
    2013 Taverna Brillo, Stockholm, Sweden.
    2013 La Capella, Barcelona, Spain - curated by Marti Manen.
    2013 Galeria Liebre, Madrid Spain - curated by Marti Manen.
    2013 Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria.
    2012 R-mag #181.
    2012 Galerie Invaliden 1, Berlin, Germany curated by Steffi Hessler.
    2012 October. Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm Sweden.
    2012 November. Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm Sweden.
    2012 Revenue S:t Eriksgatan 79, Stockholm Sweden.
    2012 Storgatan 134, Ängelholm, Sweden.
    2012 &
    2012 In a World of My Own - Utopistiska trädgårdsundersökningar curated by Elina Suoyrjö.
    2012 Group Show, American Ambassadors Residence in Stockholm, curated by Theodor Ringborg and Ronald Jones.